‘Ten Years of War Against Poverty’ conference begins in Manchester


The ‘Ten Years of War Against Poverty’ conference is well and truly underway. Hundreds of academics, policy makers, activists and students have descended on Manchester to join the debate about what we have learned since 2000 and what we should do 2010-2020.

We welcome comments from all of the conference participants about their views on the first day of discussions, any interesting insights or controversial comments…

Two other blogs on this event are currently active and provide a lively look at what is going on:

Duncan Green (Oxfam) is writing on his From Poverty to Power blog; while Michael Edwards is blogging on Open Democracy


One Response to “‘Ten Years of War Against Poverty’ conference begins in Manchester”

  1. Tom Brass Says:

    In the Conference presentation entitled ‘Fielding the Wrong Ball?
    A Critique of Global Policy Approaches to ‘Forced Labour’, by Nicola Phillips and Fabiola Mieres, one finds the following observation: “our concern here is more with those kinds of labour relations which prevail in contemporary labour markets, the key being that these are as much ‘modern’, well-developed and functioning labour markets, often associated with global networks of production and trade, as those which are not.” A case of deja vu, since precisely this case was argued a decade ago by me, in Towards a Comparative Political Economy of Unfree Labour (1999). What the latter made clear, but Phillips and Mieres fail to point out, is that an attack on poverty linked to the reproduction of unfree labour requires an attack on the capitalist system itself, not – as they infer – a mere tinkering with its legal apparatus. Those like Phillips and Mieres, who search for ‘solutions’ within the existing system, will search in vain for ever. As long as unfree labour yields profits, its reproduction by capital is guaranteed.

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